• Clinica zambetului

    Clinica Zambetului offers high quality dental services for competitive prices. We treat a wide spectrum of dental disease and oral surgery. The clinic has a specialty in oral surgery – dental implants, bone grafts, periodontal treatments, wisdom teeth extraction and other.  Professionalism, reliability, our friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere  are our strengths. See you there!

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  • Modern technology

    Intraoral camera that enlarges images more than 10 times and highlights even the smallest cavities; Sterilization device that performs five cycles of sterilization for a single operation; A device for insertion of dental implants ( NSK, Japan) with flawless precision; All instruments used in our clinic are Japanese designed, with a high quality guarantee.

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  • We wait for you!

    Dr. Mihai Frunza is a specialist in oral surgery and has a PhD in dentistry. He has over 10 years experience and published over 15 scientific article in both Romanian and foreign journals.

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                             Luni - Vineri : 15 - 20  ( doar cu programare )

str. DRISTORULUI nr 4,  BL. B13,  SC. 1,  SECTOR 3,  BUCURESTI - zona B-dul DECEBAL - (Metrou: Muncii si Dristor,   Autobuz: 104,   Troleu: 70, 79, 92)              Tel. 073.555.95.84 

Medic cu experienta de peste 10 ani.    Specialist in chirurgie orala.    Doctor in medicina dentara.

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