Home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening

  1. Changes in teeth color (bleaching) have different degreesBleaching Dentist Bucharest varying from one person to another. The treatment is successful in more than 90% of cases (Haywood, 2000, Leonard 2000).

  2. Teeth whitening is preserved after treatment for 1-3 years, and in some cases it can become final.

  3. After treatment, at a certain time (6 months – 1 year), tooth color can change toward pretreatment. In these cases we recommend a further application of the whitening product (“touch-up procedures”).

  4. The various restorations (“fillings”, crowns, bridges) do not change color during treatment, and if they become bothersome aesthetically, they will be replaced.

  5. While wearing the material do not eat, drink, rinse or smoke!

  6. During the whitening treatment avoid consumption of citrus and acidic drinks, tea, coffee, cola, red wine, smoking!

  1. Side effects:

  • mild to moderate tooth sensitivity, which disappears at the end of treatment. If it still persists,fluoride applications can be made.

  • embarrassment, irritation or burning gum. These are due to bleaching substance that reaches the gum when it’s applied in large quantities.

In these cases, after applying the tray on your teeth, the substance should be removed from the gum with a soft (ie. stick cotton).

  • Rarely, stomach problems can occur after swallowing the bleaching material. It is recommended to use a moderate amount of substance.